young unprofessionals:

underground | local | live | comedy


laughs and fun,

for everyone.

(most people)

((not assholes))

Young Unprofessionals started out as an underground apartment comedy show - with the first two shows being held in Mike and Kian's respective apartments. After a few successful events, Young Unprofessionals was formed. We exist as a group, which strives to fight the autonomy of late night bar hops that lead to lonely nights or even nights where you end up alone. Local comedy, underground presence, intimate events. Join us!


We could all use a few more laughs it seems, let's laugh together.


getting there

We will inform you of the location for the event 24-48 hours in advance. In the meantime, don't worry about it.

BYOB Policy

This event is BYOB.


the end



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